We recently caught up with Alice Howlett, Hair and Makeup artists, collaborator and friend of the SUNDAYS family. We ask all things SUNDAYS, from the best brunch spots to weekend rituals.

Tell us a little bit about you

I’m a makeup and hair artist, working mostly in fashion, music videos and commercials.

I started out after university; I studied History of Art and Architecture and knew that art and aesthetics was something I was drawn to. I had always loved playing with makeup but I had never considered it could be a job so after university I did some research and found a course in fashion hair and makeup at a makeup school called Greasepaint. I think the combination of my degree and my makeup course work really well together. My art history background has given me so many points of reference that I use regularly in my job as a makeup artist.

The best bit about my job is how sociable and collaborative it is, being part of a team, all working together in our individual areas to create a final image or story is a lovely way to make something. 

How do you relax and unwind?

I find that getting out of London and being in nature is a great way for me to unwind, or failing that a walk around the park with a podcast or music and then a long bath. (And Netflix, obviously..)

Where is your go-to breakfast spot?

Golborne Deli in Notting Hill is unbeatable for breakfast and brunch.

What’s your favourite View?

I once did a music video shoot in the Alps. We were so high up that we were above the clouds, the view of the bright blue sky and snowy mountain peaks disappearing into the clouds below was pretty magical. 

What’s on your weekend playlist?

In honour of SUNDAYS:

Saturday night - ‘Secret Sunday Lover (Greg Wilson Edit)’ - by 1gnition

Sunday morning - ‘A Sunday Kind of Love’ by Etta James

How do you wear SUNDAYS?

I love to wear the top of my blue warped zebra set on a night out, with gold jewellery, a red lipstick and jeans.

Lastly, whats the one go-to product you’d recommend for spring/summer?

I think SPF is really important going into spring summer because our skin is at it’s most vulnerable after a long dark winter. The Ultra Violette range has lots of great skincare focused SPF options, which work with your skin type and makeup routine in mind. The packaging is very pretty too which is always a bonus