Welcome to SUNDAYS

To start this journal, I wanted to introduce myself. My background is in Womenswear with a specialism in print design. I love to work with colour and texture to create feel-good prints. I’m inspired by objects, experiences, and moods. I enjoy travelling to sunny spots and hosting friends and family, born from the things that I love I wanted to start a loungewear brand that focused on bold colour and signature prints.

Having worked in the fashion industry for over 16 years I understand the importance of creating something that lasts, produced in an ethical way that feels special. That’s why I have always wanted to manufacture the garments locally in London, building relationships with the people making the pieces, whilst using organic fabrics, recycled buttons and labels.

SUNDAYS garments and accessories have been created for lifes’ ‘in-between’ moments; slow weekend mornings of hosting friends from the night before, or for when your fresh from the shower after a day at the beach. Sunkissed, relaxed and ready for a sundowner.

I enjoy rituals. Running a bath, picking a favourite candle, selecting music for the mood and SUNDAYS pieces are part of that.

The art of winding down without sacrificing your style.

Naomi x

Every fortnight we will be catching up with some of our most inspiring and favourite people to discuss all things Sundays, from the best brunch spots to weekend rituals.